There are a lot of great people and brands who stand behind my race program and I created this page to let everyone know who they are and what they do for me!

Schumacher Race Works LLC – This is my start up.  I do engine work and have done a lot of R&D with KTM engines in a Cross Country race application.  I’m a Millennium Technologies and Thumper Racing Dealer and keep many KTM ATV parts on hand.  Recently, I’ve begun building complete, custom wiring harnesses from the ground up for maximum reliability in race applications.

Towne and Country Real Estate – This is my mother’s Real Estate Company!  She and my dad have always stood behind me and are a very large part of my program!  If you’re looking for Real Estate in Southern Michigan, check out her website!

FASST Company – I have had several wrist injuries over the years, and the FASST FLEXX bars do a great job of taking the shock out of my wrists on big hits.  Less fatigue, less injuries, and the confidence to charge through the rough stuff make these bars a game changer!

FMF Racing – FMF Exhausts has stood behind me since I started racing.  They make a top quality exhaust for every bike I own!

GBC Motorsports – I came for the prices, but I stayed for the ridiculous traction they offer.  GBC tires offer the best traction to dollar ratio I’ve found in this industry!

Hinson Clutch Components – In addition to top-quality clutch components for a standard clutch, I am a huge believer in Slipper Clutch Technology for ATV racing.  The Hinson BTL slipper clutch has offered me outstanding performance and reliability and really helps my corner speed the whole way around the track!

IMS Products – Extended range fuel tanks and an awesome quick-fill system to minimize the time spent in the pits make IMS a no-brainer for a serious cross country racer!

KLIM – KLIM technical riding gear is designed specifically for XC use and is without equal in the industry.  I’ve used their super-vented F4 helmet for years, but switched to their XC series of riding gear for 2015 and couldn’t be happier!  I’ve tried every other brand of MX gear on the planet and nothing holds up to muddy XC races.  I used to get 2-3 races out of a set of MX pants before I would have torn seams that need repaired.  I’ve been running the same 2 sets of KLIM gear since the beginning of the year, and it all still looks new!

KTM-Parts.com – KTM-parts.com has great prices and is the quickest and most reliable place I’ve found to get KTM parts and accessories shipped to your door!

Leatt Protectives – The Leatt brand chest protectors and neck braces have protected me from several hard crashes over the years.  Simply put, I won’t ride without them.

Motorex USA – Motorex is the recommended oil for KTM motorcycles and ATVs from the factory.  That’s why I started using them.  They’ve been a part of my program since 2008 and I use Motorex brand fluids and chemicals for every application on my ATVs, bikes, and in the garage.

Powersports Grafx – RidePG has been keeping my bikes looking amazing for years!  First-rate service, great prices, great designs, and great materials are the hallmarks of a good graphics company and RidePG checks all those boxes and more!

Rath Racing – I have been riding on Rath Products since 2008.  They look great and are phenomenally durable.  In addition, Rath doesn’t feel the need to mess with the OEM peg location or height on the KTM like so many others do.  Having tried several other brands of bars and pegs over the years, Rath Racing nerf bars are the only ones I ever feel comfortable on!

Rocket Ron Racing – Ron and I have been working together since 2009 on suspension.  His first-hand suspension knowledge is outstanding and he does a great job of listening to his customers to determine what changes he needs to make to their shocks.  We’ve worked together on several outside the box projects over the years and even if it’s a completely custom application, he is always able to get my suspension dialed in.  I’ve never ridden suspension that works as well as he has my KTMs working!

Streamline Brakes – Stainless steel braided brake lines make a HUGE difference in braking performance.  The KTM comes with them from the factory, but the Streamline lines are a more affordable, top quality option that is available in several colors to really enhance the look of my bikes!

Twin Air – Twin Air products are the OEM filters on KTM bikes and ATVs.  They offer an affordable, high performance, and extremely protective dual-stage filter element for cross country racing!

Walsh Racecraft – Walsh Racecraft components are the highest quality I’ve encountered in the industry.  The fit and finish is fantastic, and the camber and caster adjustment system using heim joints on the upper A arms is much more durable than many other offerings on the market.  My engineering approach to building a race quad often leaves me searching for a specific set of criteria that aren’t always available in an off-the-shelf solution.  Walsh Racecraft’s willingness to customize their products to suit my requirements is atypical in the industry and is something I can’t really put a price on.

Works Connection – I use Works Connection Elite Clutch Perch’s on all of my cable clutch bikes.  This one product improves cable clutch actuation so much that you really need to ride it to believe it!  In addition, Works Connection hour meters let me keep track of the service intervals on my bikes, and their website is stocked up with a host of other trick parts for your bike!

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